The Staff


  • CEO & Business Director — Kathy Coley
  • General Manager — Jim Holler

Year-Round Staff:  Kitchen and maintenance personnel

Summer Staff:

Each summer approximately 6 persons join the year-round staff to assist in the kitchen, in maintaining the grounds, and as lifeguards.  These are meaningful summer jobs in which each individual assists in furthering the Kingdom of God in the midst of our spiritual family.

We are always accepting applications. If you have sensed a call to serve the Lord through camping and retreat ministry, and are interested in serving at Summit Lake, please click here to print out an application. Each position plays an integral role in the fulfillment of our mission. Please note: Since we do not offer our own programming at this time, counselors are not currently needed.

Please also note: Summit Lake Camp does discriminate on the basis of religion. All employees must be born-again believers.

Send application or resume to:

General Manager
Summit Lake Camp
7610 Hampton Valley Rd
Emmitsburg, MD 21727
Fax: 301-271-0168