The Frederick County Health Department has very explicit and very strict regulations regarding the operation of swimming pools within its jurisdiction.  We make every effort to comply with these regulations to avoid having a disruption in the operation of our pool.  The following rules are designed to ensure your safety and our compliance with the regulations which govern our ability to operate this pool.  Failure of guests to abide by the rules will result in the loss of pool use privileges for your group.

We are required to have one lifeguard on duty for every 50 people in the pool.  Please do not exceed this ratio.

Lifeguards are certified and trained in CPR and first aid.  A portable defibrilator is available at the pool for life-threatening emergencies.

Lifeguards are the authority at the pool, and all guests are required to submit to that authority.  Failure to do so will result in loss of pool privileges.

  1. No running
  2. No diving
  3. No pushing, shoving or restraint of other guests in the pool by any means

Please do not distract the lifeguards from their duties in any way.

  1. Children who are not toilet trained must wear swimsuit-type diapers.  Camp has swimming diapers for sale for guests who need them.  Ask lifeguard or camp staff.  Please be considerate of other guests — if an accident takes place in the pool, the pool will be closed until the water quality test is back to the required standard.

Pool Duty Staff

Any individual or group(s) that does not comply with the following pool rules may be removed from pool.

  1. An adult (Pool Duty Staff) from participating group must be registered with Jim Schumacher and must be present at pool side at all times while group individuals are using pool.
  2. It is Pool Duty Staff member’s responsibility to ensure that all pool patrons from his/her group understand and agree to obey all pool rules.
  3. Lifeguards are on duty to ensure safety and protect lives.  Guards are always to be respected and obeyed by pool patrons as well as Pool Duty Staff.

Pool is open from June through August during hours arranged with pool operator.

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