We appreciate your help particularly at checkout. By following our checkout list, you will help us greatly and enable us to better prepare for the next groups.

  1. Empty trash. Dumpster is in back of dining hall.
  2. Check for lost and found items. (Sleeping, meeting room, dining area, pool side, etc.) We find many, many left behind items that rarely get claimed. Please double check.
  3. Leave rooms and buildings as you found them. Please return items back to their original place. Stack folding chairs, return furniture to its place, etc.
  4. Turn off lights and fans; close windows & doors.
  5. After last meal place benches on tables and sweep floor.
  6. Return sports equipment. (Balls, sports box equipment, life jackets, etc.)
  7. Return any keys, if you were issued any. (Drop box at Wheel House)

It takes great effort to keep and maintain our camp. Our camp is open 7 days a week and we often have limited time to prepare for the next groups (particularly during summer.)

Your help is greatly needed & appreciated!

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