It is your responsibility that all your participants know and understand all rules and regulation while here at camp.

  1. The use of alcoholic beverages, drugs, and tobacco products is strictly prohibited.
  2. Unauthorized personnel (all guests) are to remain outside the confines of the camp kitchen, staff areas, maintenance facility, camp vehicles, lawn equipment and other designated unauthorized areas at all times.
  3. All cars are to be parked in the parking area. No cars are to be driven to cabins or anywhere else on the campgrounds at any time.  No parking in the fire lane which runs in front of the lodges, beside and behind the Chapel.
  4. Speed limit of 15 miles per hour is to be strictly observed on camp driveways.
  5. No pets.
  6. A charge will be made for any vandalism, including graffiti.
  7. No swimming in lake.
  8. No boating after dark.
  9. No one is to use the pool without proper supervision and authorization.  The state of Maryland requires that a certified pool operator and one lifeguard for each 50 swimmers be present whenever the pool is in use.  Individuals who climb over the fence, or otherwise gain unauthorized entry to the pool will be asked to leave the camp.
  10. Respect and be considerate of other guests with whom you are sharing the camp facilities.
  11. No gym use during meal times.
  12. Campfires and fireplaces in use must never be left unattended.
  13. Lake is off limits during winter months (do not walk, skate, etc., on ice).
  14. Hampton Valley Road is a public county road.  Stop, look and listen before crossing.

Thank you for sharing, following, enforcing and obeying these and all rules while at camp.  Guest safety is of paramount concern.

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